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OpenPro is the most advanced open source ERP solution + CRM + Payroll HRMS Time Card + E-commerce Software for your company

Grow your business with OpenPro ERP solutions that can be deployed in the cloud or on your server.

Our software supports most industries with a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. As a provider of Business Management ERP Software, OpenPro excels with its Real-Time Solutions. From Accounting and Financial Reports to its MES software, MRP manufacturing and wholesale distribution inventory control software. The Business Management Software are all GAAP and international compliant. OpenPro is multi language (9 different) and multi currency.

Another of the many business software solutions is a complete retail Point of Sales (POS) system, while distributors benefit from the supply chain management software.

Built in time card management, Payroll and HRMS systems are integrated with the accounting manufacturing software.

Customer Relationship management (CRM) is integrated to target prospects and convert them into customers quickly.

Because OpenPro is built using open source technology, both the initial purchase price and the ongoing maintenance expense can cost half as much as Windows-based ERP software solutions, while offering a broader range of functionality. We integrates with thousands of open source php programs around the world.

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About Us

OpenPro, Inc. is a leader in licensed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software using open source technology. The company, founded in 1998 and is the first fully web based ERP solution in the world. With OpenPro, clients receive more function and more value than alternative ERP offerings. OpenPro has staff to help users to implement your business solution in as little as one day.

OpenPro: the open source ERP software solution. More value. More features.

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